Hire JB Stripping and Waxing to handle the important cleaning services your business’ floors need. At all times, business owners need to keep up the appearance of their facilities. Customers and employees will think less of you if you don’t have a clean property. 

The right floor cleaning service can make all the difference for your business. Fortunately, our expert commercial floor cleaning company offers tile cleaning services, grout cleaning services, and floor buffing services. We’re also an industrial floor cleaning company that can get those tough stains out of your company’s floors and keep them sanitary. 


JB Stripping and Waxing uses advanced stripping and waxing equipment to clean offices, schools, hospitals, stores, industrial facilities, and so much more. Our commercial cleaning services include:

• Floor Stripping • Janitorial Waxing • Carpet Cleaning

JB Stripping and Waxing will strip your floors by removing old wax, dirt, and debris. If we have to scrape away that leftover wax, we will. This will help leave your floor smooth and even. We can also protect and polish your floor by waxing it. This will give your floor that shiny luster you want and will also eliminate scratches and scuff marks. 

If your business has carpet flooring, we can be counted on to clean that as well for a professional look and feel. JB Stripping and Waxing can remove dust, dirt, grime, and allergens for the cleanest carpeting possible. 

If your business is in need of floor cleaning services, trust the experts at JB Stripping and Waxing. We can give your floors that professional look you want. 
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