Tile flooring can give your home or business an unmistakable look. To preserve the quality of your tile floors, make sure you have them professionally cleaned. JB Stripping and Waxing can help with our expert tile cleaning services. 

Cleaning away dirt, grime, and mildew from your tile floors can be much more difficult than you think. You could spend hours on your hands and knees cleaning every inch of your floors and still not clean every imperfection. There’s only one way to clean your tile thoroughly for a professional look: hire JB Stripping and Waxing. 


JB Stripping and Waxing’s advanced tile cleaning techniques include:

• Stripping • Waxing

Regular mopping and scrubbing just won’t restore your tile floors to a like-new state. You need a professional to get to work on those hard-to-clean tiles. We can strip your tile floors to remove those hard-to-get stains and apply heat with a blow dryer for a smooth finish. We can then smooth out those scratches and scuffs with our expert waxing service. This will add a glossy look to your tile floors. As part of our professional tile cleaning services, we will go deep into your grout to clean and perfect even the toughest-to-reach areas of your floor. 

Call JB Stripping and Waxing for an estimate on residential and commercial tile floor cleaning services. You can rely on our professional, detail-oriented service to thoroughly clean your tile floors. 
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