Your furniture will often have the same material as your carpets. Similar issues can crop up with your upholstery as we see with dirty carpets – dirt, grime, dust, and stains. Allergens can also become trapped inside the fabric of your furniture. 

Just as you can trust JB Stripping and Waxing for effective carpet cleaning services, you can also count on us to clean and preserve your upholstery. We can provide thorough cleaning services for your couches, sofas, recliners, and more. 


Our professional upholstery cleaning services will do the following for your home’s furniture:

• Deodorize • Remove Dirt & Grime • Eliminate Pet Hair • Clean Dust & Pollutants

Our upholstery cleaning services can makeyour furniture look like new. Your furniture will also smell fresh and clean and will feel more comfortable to sit on. Cleaning your furniture is a step many homeowners forget about, but it can change the way you relax at home. We can also provide upholstery cleaning services for businesses that use furniture on their property.

Call JB Stripping and Waxing today to schedule service for upholstery cleaning. 
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